DBT  Family  Skills  Training


We have all experienced times of emotional vulnerability and sensitivity and can benefit from becoming more skillful. This is especially true when we are experiencing a negative emotional state, such as anger, fear, sadness or shame. Sharing a life with an emotionally sensitive family member can be delightful as well as challenging, aggravating and bewildering. Family members and friends often find their own feelings stirred up and then find it difficult to remain connected and caring.

Each of these classes provide friends, family members or partners of such individuals with the skills to better cope and support their loved one.

These classes will introduce us to skills that can help break the negative emotional patterns that prompts criticism, self-blame, or defensiveness. The Family Skills Training will provide the family members and friends with the skills to effectively support and validate themselves and their loved one. DBT Skills for Couples builds on this foundation to focus on more effectively coping with intense emotional patterns in intimate relationships.

The DBT Family Skills Training is based on the work of Perry Hoffman, Alan Fruzzetti, Marsha Linehan and Shari Manning. The recommended "text" for the class is Loving Someone with BPD by Shari Manning.

Each FST series runs for 12 sessions. Sliding-scale fee available. Modified Saturday morning schedule beginning is 2018-2019. See schedule at www.dbtfamilyskills.com/dialectical-behavior-therapy-for-families.html


Facilitators: John Mader, LMFT and co-leader/participant-observer. Location: Chapel Hill/Carrboro. Meeting Time: Saturday, 8:45 AM to 1 PM. Cost: $120 with sliding scale available. Insurance Accepted: None. Contact: jmaderlmft@gmail.com; www.dbtfamilyskills.com/dialectical-behavior-therapy-for-families.html


Family Connections (a DBT-based resource for families of people with BPD), NAMI-Wake with Ann and Gerry Akland. Contact: aakland@nc.rr.com; www.nami-wake.org/classes.html